Swakara 110 years anniversary

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Swakara 110 years anniversary

Swakara 110 years Anniversary

Etherion Fur Collection celebrates the Swakara 110 years anniversary  and was guest at a week long event in Namibia, Africa from 28th October 2017 to 3rd November 2017.  This event commemorates the 110 year anniversary of the introduction of the karakul lamb to the region. Guests were hosted by the Swakara Karakul Board of Namibia and included representatives from the industry such as from Kopenhagen Fur Centre, swakara karakul farmers, the Namibia Ministry of Agriculture, the International Fur Federation and manufacturing furriers like us at Etherion Fur Collection.

Top on the agenda of the forum was the issue of sustainability of the swakara fur and compliance with world standards for ethical farming. This is something that all are confident is being implemented and will lead to certification of compliance in the near future.
Activities included visits to swakara farms, a stay at a game lodge and game drive, a ram auction, sightseeing in beautiful unique Namibia and the highlight being a gala dinner and fashion show evening.
At the gala fashion show Etherion Fur Collection contributed by showing ready garments from our AW 2017 collection and received fantastic feedback.
Sightseeing of the awesome diverse Namibia landscape amd observing some native women in their traditional Victorian costume are all sources of inspiration for our work on the AW 2018. Follow our news to learn more about this!

Celebrate the Swakara 110 years anniversary and follow the fashion catwalks to see how big name designers are using Swakara in their outerwear and dress collections!


Read more on the event at the International Fur Federation site with the link: